Love your skin at any age with help from the experts at Refreshed Medical Aesthetics

(Ad) While the Fountain of Youth may be folklore, restoring one’s natural beauty is as easy as maintaining good skin care, according to Nicole Chevalier. As the owner of Refreshed Medical Aesthetics in Hartford , Chevalier performs a wide range of treatments that offer anti-aging benefits.

The dermatology office has provided general dermatology services since 1987 and cosmetic dermatology services since 2018. To stay up to date with the latest procedures and dermatological recommendations, Chevalier continues to invest in additional training three to four times a year.

What sets Refreshed Medical Aesthetics apart from a typical med-spa is the staff’s attention to detail and dermatological training. They assess a client’s skin from both a medical and cosmetic standpoint, noting its tone, texture, pigmentation, overall health, and any prevailing medical issues.

“I review the entire spectrum with them, ask what their goals are, and tailor treatments from least to most aggressive depending on what they’re looking for,” Chevalier said. “It’s best to address the face as a whole rather than individual sections so everything looks like it’s in the same decade.”

Refreshed Medical Aesthetics’ professional staff performs a full scope of esthetician services under the supervision of Dr. Lauren Daman, a board-certified dermatologist who brings 40 years of experience to the table.

Non-invasive treatments with anti-aging benefits include medical-grade facials, chemical peels, microneedling, and microdermabrasion. Invasive treatments with anti-aging benefits include Botox, dermal fillers, and collagen builders like Sculptra.

“Different types of filler take time to build, so it’s best to perform them in multiple sittings versus all at once, which typically takes six months to a year,” Chevalier explained. “As we all know there’s no quick fix to anti-aging — if someone promises that you should probably run. Having a treatment plan mapped out and knowing the expected benefit of each is the best approach.”

Clients who do not want an aggressive approach to anti-aging should start with a good skin care regimen and non-invasive treatments to address skin tone, texture, scarring, and pigmentation issues. However, Botox — a more aggressive, invasive approach — can be used as either a preventative or corrective treatment option depending on the client’s age. Botox can be used in many places on the face to address aging; the more common places include crow’s feet, the forehead, and the glabella.

Chevalier said clients with certain auto-immune disorders like lupus may be ineligible for anti-aging treatments. Having a provider that assesses your full medical history prior to performing injections is very important, and helps reduce undesired outcomes in the future. She also noted that the office does not perform surgical rejuvenation, but will provide referrals to plastic surgeons in the area.

“Most importantly, I want to keep my clients looking as natural as possible with healthy skin.” Chevalier said.

Refreshed Medical Aesthetics accepts certain insurances as well as cash payments. For more information or to book a consultation, call 860-368-0899, email refreshedmedical@gmail.com, or visit www.refreshedmed.com .

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